Friday, November 26, 2004

Snow Rose

I took this picture this morning as I was heading out to work (this rose bush is just outside my apartment window). The first snow dusting the ground around this poor little rose...made me feel bad for the rose!!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Yesterday I went with my friends to a local toy show, where you may find all kinds of toys, from old tin toys to new race cars. Stuffed animals, Cabbage Patch dolls, and new Star Wars toys. It's all there. Including strange people..... check out this car I saw in the parking lot. The pictures hardly do this thing justice because the interior was far more insane than the outside... happy face stickers stuck to *everything*!
And with all this happiness going on... you'd think this person would be the happiest person alive. But in fact the owner (from the distance at which my friends and I saw him) seemed like a bit of a miserable, scowling, middle-aged man. Very odd.
Here's the interior of the car. Sorry, I couldn't escape the glare of the morning sun on the glass... but you still get an idea of the madness going on inside. I was going for a second shot looking into the back of the car but the owner was spotted coming back and I wasn't sure if he would appreciate me laughing at his car and taking pictures. heh

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Reader Requested Pictures (Part Two)

Welcome back to another installment of "My Life Through A Lens". Here are more pictures, taken by suggestion from my readers over on my blog. What you see here is a pic of me leaving for work this the left there you can see the (blue) nose of my car poking out of the carport. On the right.... my home! (the bottom window, closest to me, is my bedroom window).
And do I really need to remind you guys yet again that you can click on each pic for a larger (and clearer) version? Nah... I didn't think so.
As requested by Dave over at Treppenwitz, here is a picture of my favourite place to sit in my home. This is my beloved couch. I love it. It is soft, it is comfy, and it hugs me and loves me. It also nursed me through the recovery of my recent surgery. In the background, left wall, is the cover of the program for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival earlier this year. On the wall above my head is a print by my most favourite artist, Lawren Harris. I love him. Oh, and yeah..that's an Israeli flag in the corner. lol

All that being said...although this is my favourite place to sit in my home... it's not where I usually sit. See the next pic...
And here is where I actually spend 90% of my time when I am home. This is the seat from which I can readily access my computer and still watch tv at the same time. Yes, I hate to admit it, but I usually eat my meals there too. I'm a single girl, who do I have to impress??
And is it just me or do I look a bit like a tiny little Hobbit in this picture??

Anyway, if you look you can see.... my G-Force figure (by my feet), and above me on my shelf we have: a "circle of friends" candle holder, my cordless phone (with a headset coz I'm a total geek), a bag of figs, kleenex, speakers...etc..). And of course, on my monitor is Dave's blog.
Well, SAM wanted to see the contents of my refrigerator.... so here it goes, from the outside in. The outside bespeaks my geekiness towards trying to learn Hebrew. Fridge magnets of the Hebrew alphabet... LOL! And the "buy Israeli" magnet on the piece of paper is a nice touch too (the piece of paper is the listing of hours my gym is open).
Here ya go..a look into the devil's mouth. My fridge! Mmm..what do we have?
Eggs, garlic, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, dill pickles, MiniGo, yogurt, hummus (and plenty of!), diet Coke (blecch..I don't drink it, it's for guests), milk, orange juice, soy milk, egg nog (oh how I love it so!!), lemon juice, soya protein powder, kiwis (2 kinds!), apples (3 kinds!), melon (cantaloupe, cubed and in a container), vanilla yogurt, mushrooms, green onions, zucchini, celery, carrots, salads (in a bag), red potatoes, cooking onions.
Whew. Now I'm hungry.
The fridge door... Land of the Condiments. All along the bottom are my million different kinds of marinades, along with a few salad dressings and lime juice. Above that is a pitcher of water, mayo, mustard, 4 kinds of jams and jellies and the Canadian staple... Maple Syrup. Above that we got another kind of mustard, that goop you dip shrimp in (what the hell is it called again??), horseradish, lemon juice, and flax seed being stored in a yogurt container.
Ok, so here's my freezer. As you can see, I have a shitload of frozen fruits. These are for smoothies and various other healthy beverages and snack. And you'll see a shrimp ring (shhhh...not very kosher of me!), filet of sole, two bags of pitas, corn, peas, brussel sprouts, vanilla icecream, broccoli and cauliflower. Sounds so healthy doesn't it!!
Also another request by SAM...he wanted to see my favourite shoes. So here they are! Only.. they're boots. I love these boots, this is my second or third pair. I used to work for Roots a few years ago, so I bought a pair of their boots and I haven't looked back! I love my Roots Boots!
So, SAM had suggested that I take pictures "(from your car) of cool sites you see but don't really notice anymore on your way to work or home". So let the journey begin here. This is the very start of my commute, when I pull out of my driveway and onto the road. I was hoping you could make out the CN Tower in the middle there, but it was too cloudy this morning. Drat. And btw...driving and taking pictures is really hard. Especially when you are trying to pay extra attention to the things around you that you take for granted. Made me miss a turn I was so focused! LOL
This is another piece of land that has somehow escaped development along a busy road (Yonge Street, the main artery through Toronto and north of the city). This lot was beside a gas station where I was filling up this morning, and I must say..I probably wouldn't have noticed it if not for SAM asking me to take pics of things I don't notice on my commute anymore. Too bad because this empty lot serves as almost a mini park...and likely home to lots of little creatures.
This is one of my favourite trees (pardon the light, it's grey and nearly winter here..and this was early morn'). Somehow, this tree survived being destroyed when the whole field it was in was developed (including the theatre as seen in my prior post..) and all the other trees around it were cut down. I am happy that the developers left this huge majestic tree to live.
This picture was extremely difficult to get (thus the blur) because it is right across the street from the tree in the prior picture. So while driving (and entering onto a highway, I might add) I took a picture of the tree and then quickly (and without looking) held the camera to the other side of my car to get this picture of the Ghandi statue. It's on the property belonging to a beautiful Hindu temple (Vishnu Mandir) that I love to look at. Perhaps next time I will get a shot of the temple.
I like this old farmhouse. It's on what of the busiest streets, right by my work and right besides the airport. That's what makes this farmhouse so unique.. it's in the moiddle of this empty field in what is an otherwise industrial part of town. It's so out of place...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Reader Requested Pictures (Part One)

On my blog I offered my readers the chance to tell me what they would like to see a picture of in my life (see post here). This is the first installment of pictures as requested....
Remember to click on the pic for a larger version!

Dave over at Treppenwitz wanted to see my front door, and being unclear as to whether that meant the door of my building or the door into my apartment.... I took both. ;-) So that's the entrance into my apartment building. It's a cute little building, only 8 apartments. Been here for 3 years, all on my own (pah! who needs roommates!).
That's the door into my apartment. I'm numbah one!!! heh. Also there is a butterfly sticker on the door. My old neighbour, Princess Blondie, had put it there. *sigh* Them's was the good old days...when we lived across the hall from each other. :-)
And for Dave again, here is a view from my apartment window. that would be Yonge Street right there... the main street running through Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), and I believe the longest street in North America. And a picture of a typical cool November morning..
And as Rat requested... here's a picture of my mouse pad. Funny you should pick it... there's actually a semi-amusing story behind it. It was given to me by my friend Corey Haim (yes, he's Canadian!), for my 26th birthday. He also gave me a Wonder Woman Pez dispenser. It was a Wonder Woman themed birthday. :-D
As requested by Tzaddi, here is one of the places I like to hang out most. I know it seems kinda lame, but it was better than putting up pictures of my friend's houses! And the more I thought about it the more I realized.. it's not where I hang out, it's who I hang out with. So long as I am with my friends, I don't care where we are... bowling, shooting pool, sitting around each other's home or having coffee. But the movie theatre is definitely one place we spend *far* too much time at. We likes da movies! :-D (is there such a thing as seeing too many movies?? coz I see a LOT of movies, lemme tell ya...)
Here are a few geese who forgot to fly south for the winter... so while these guys decided to take a stroll through the theatre parking lot.....
...this one opted to just park itself on a grassy patch on a boulevard.
My oh my...them Canadian Geese are BIG though, aren't they?? And they are *everywhere*.

Monday, November 08, 2004

The following tattoo pics were suggested by Tzaddi...
This was my first tattoo, and remains my best one. This lizard was the start of my love for ink... I was 17 years old when I got it. :-D
This is my second tattoo... a little itty bitty froggie on the inside of my right ankle. It was the symbol for a lot of change in my life then... (about... 8 years ago?... I can't exactly recall).
I am a fan of black line work (like tribal tattoos), so that's what I went with for this tatt and my next. But with any tattoo, it needs to be touched up over time.
This is my third tattoo... but will it be my last? (mmm......I doubt it. lol). I got this one about 6 years ago (and it shows...that puppy needs a touch up!).
50 points to the person who can tell me where I got this turtle design (hint: it's from the cover of an album by a Canadian band... Kaddish might know...).
Tattoo by Adam Sky

all work and no play (ok.... *some* play)

This is me in my office. I wrote a post about it here, if you're interested.
That's me in my fancy new sweater that my mom got for me while she was in France. Ooh la la!
This is me working at my desk. See that under my left arm? That's a mini heater. Because I am ALWAYS cold at work. Freezing. Sweaters don't cut it, I need HEAT. brrr..