Saturday, March 04, 2006


Ah yes, Texas. If you want to take the American extreme opposite to Canada, than this is the state. Where we Canadians believe in tight gun control, this state believes that everyone has the right to bear arms and has the death penalty still well in swing.

This set the stage for an interesting trip to Texas for me this week when I went down to San Antonio for a national sales meeting. I actually ended up having a pretty good time and thoroughly enjoyed San Antonio's famous River Walk. Here are a few pics from my trip (as always, click the thumnail for a larger view)....

This is me on the roof of the hotel our company was staying in, The St Anthony Wyndham Hotel.

View from the rooftop.

I loved the Mexican style artwork that could be found all over San Antonio.

This is the San Antonio River where you can find the famous RiverWalk.

I simply LOVED the River Walk with it's double layer of shops and restaurants along the river.

The view as I walked along the river was simply breathtaking...

... and as you can see I was a good little tourist and took lots of pictures. :-)

How can ya NOT love all the restaurants lining the river??

With any good river you also have bridges. There were several along the River Walk to allow you to cross over at any time to check out a cute little shop or delicious smelling restaurant on the other side.

The bridges also double as nice spots to cool off in the shade.

Here is where a co-worker and I decided to sit and enjoy the view a little, sipping drinks and people watching for an hour or so.

And don't I look happy to be there! haha..

This was taken the last night I was in San Antonio. My company held their own version of Olympic games and I won in the... er...tricycle event. A mini tricycle. (don't ask)

And I just had to take a picture of the breakfast I ate in the airport before boarding my plane to go home. Only in Texas will you get nachos and cheese for breakfast! hahahahaha..