Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I was sent to Florida on business last week.. here are a few of the pics I snapped between work and sleep....

Here's the plane I took from Tampa to Philadelphia. This was the GOOD flight, unlike the connecting flight which was BAD. Very very bad.
And there's my luggage heading into the plane (on the left). It was funny watching the baggage handler toss my bag around... I became strangely protective as if I was watching over a child of mine. "Be careful with that! CAREFUL!!!" Thankfully he couldn't hear me through the glass.


If you know me through my blog at all you know that I love cereal. A LOT.
On a recent business trip to the Buffalo/Rochester area of New York I made a point of heading to the grocery store to pick up some goodies I can't get in Canada. I returned home with 6 boxes of cereal and a t-shirt purchased for me by my co-workers that said "Cereal Killer". Ah, it took only a week with them for them to learn the way to my heart. I think this new job is gonna work out just fine. :-D

Some of these cereals you can get in Canada, some you can't...
I have definitely not seen either of these ones in my town.
The regular Cap'n Crunch and maybe the Peanut Butter one are in Canada... but not the rest!
I think we're only missing the Yogurt ones back home, but I'm sure they'll in Canada soon enough...Ok, now, these two I bought. We have regular Lucky Charms, we do NOT have these two. I was stunned to see them. After trying them both now I can say I wasn't terribly impressed with either one. Go for FrankenBerry and Count Chocula instead.