Tuesday, May 31, 2005

blue bracelet

This is the bracelet I had made in order to raise some money. For what you ask? Go here for the details....
This is me sporting my snazzy new "Am Yisrael Chai" bracelet. Pretty cool, hunh? You want one, now don't you? So click the Buy Now button and you too can have one (or two! or five! or twenty!!)

see how happy I am? you can be this happy too if you bought one of my bracelets! *wink*

Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars

Well, this Wednesday was the premier of the new Star Wars movie, and my friends and I did what many other geeks did.... we waited for hours in line in order to get the exact seats we wanted. For us this meant an 8 hour wait in line... and what else is there to do in all that time than play a little poker? I eventually won, as you can perhaps tell from my grin. A good time was had by all...
It's all fun and games until someone gambles their place in line or movie ticket!
These guys were in line just ahead of myself and my friends (my friend is the one in the red hat). A couple of these guys had been in line since 5am (bearing in mind that the movie started at MIDNIGHT).
These geeks knew how to kill time in a lineup.... they brought a portable dvd player and watched Star Wars: Attack of the Clones in preparation for the next film.
And of course, once we got into the theatre itself we still had another 3 hours to wait.... so we played more poker. Don't you just love the sexy carpet in the theatre?? Where DO they get that from???

Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day my parents and I drove up north to see my grandma. This pic of me was taken by my mom as we sat and played cards on my grandmother's deck by the lakeside. It was a gorgeous hot day in the "great white north".
Buds on the trees around my grandma's lake... finally, springtime in the north!
I'm sure my dad would really appreciate me putting this up on my blog, but I just can't help myself.... I took this pic in the car yesterday as we drove up north to visit my grandma. My dad had been working until 4am the night before, so he was a bit tired. I just love the pose in which he fell asleep.

a random assortment of pics

How much is that puppy in the window?
This puppy melted my heart... could it possibly BE any cuter??
I took this a few weeks ago on my front lawn... it was one of the first really warm days signalling spring. I was just excited to see flowers growing!
I'm not sure why I thought anyone would be interested in this... but I decided to take a couple of pictures of a typical Toronto subway station and car. Here's one of the stations... though I can't remember which one.
Here's your basic Toronto subway car. This is actually a fairly new one so it looks pretty nice on the inside.
I decided the other day that this is where I wish to live. See the condos above the stores? That's where I'd like to be. Ignoring the fact that only in my wildest dreams could I afford such a place/location, I would be in heaven because I am a convenience slut and having a grocery store, Business Depot and a movie theatre all within my building would be simply *dreamy*. Now if only I could win that lottery....
Yes, I get excited everytime I see a Zim truck on the road. To learn why read this post over on my blog.
My friend and I spotted this woman while driving into work the other day.... she has a full sun visor over her face (much like a welder's mask) and white gloves to protect her hands. And while I can appreciate being careful of the sun.... is this necessary while in the car?? Crazy, man..... crazy