Monday, January 31, 2005

dog days of winter

On Saturday I decided to do a friend a favour and shovel his driveway while he was away. It was warm out and I was looking for some air. Note the lack of outer-wear. Yup, when it warms up to -6C/-12F we Canadians start shedding layers! lol (oh yeah.... and that's my filthy car in the background)
I dropped a friend of mine off at his home this morning when I noticed this beautiful layer of crystal snow covering everything for miles around. All the brush and trees at the side of the road and in the fields was just coating in this icy snow... I had to pull the car over and snap a few shots.
The coating of ice crystals covered everything making it all twinkle in the morning sun....
The branches of this tiny tree were covered too...then again, what wasn't??
it's stuff like this that makes me love wintertime
more frosted plants
I took this picture just coz I thought it was cute and I'm a sucker for Hebrew (it says "good father/dad"). It made me smile.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

the kosher aisle tour

That's me. Let me take you on a little road trip... to Sobey's.
Let me take you on a tour of the Kosher section in the grocery store near me.... (note the Kosher stuff gets lumped in with the Chinese and International foods, though I can't understand why Chinese food is listed separate from International... wouldn't it qualify as international?? *shrug*)
Welcome to the Kosher aisle in my local grocery store. It's about 6 ft/1.8m wide and contains all kinds of items, including goodies from Israel. But upon closer inspection I found something odd....something... out of place.
Take a closer look... have you spotted what doesn't really belong here? One of these is not like the other.... Could it be the Jesus candles right above the Chanukah candles? in the KOSHER section?
That's right, you can get all the Christian candles you could ever need.... we got yer "Sacred Heart of Jesus", "Virgen de Guadaloupe" and of course your "Saint Joseph/ San Jose" candle. Had I not been so amused I might have complained. Instead I had a good chuckle.

Monday, January 03, 2005

ice, ice baby

My windshield wipers after driving in an ice storm. I had cleared them of ice just 20 minutes prior to this, but it built up again in just that short time. Unbelievable.