Friday, August 20, 2004


Baby Sadie, born May 6th.
A kitten doing what cats do best....
Lap = Nap
I assure you I DO give the kitten a bowl to drink out of, she just seems to prefer squishing her face into a glass to drink.
see those claws? yeah they shred hands quite nicely. they'll be getting a trim tonight.
nevermind that she looks slightly terrorized in this picture. lol!
"it's MY chair now!"
This is what happens when I get up and leave my chair empty.
this is how she has been spending the day at work with me...on my lap
I like the way her ears are kinda drooping..
Sittin' pretty

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Little River, Ontario, Canada

Here are some pictures from my trip up to Little River in northern Ontario, for my grandma's birthday. I stayed with my grandma in a lovely cabin in the woods, along the river. The river lead out into a chain of lakes (5 in total) which was home to all manner of wildlife. Take your time and enjoy the pics, clicking on them for larger versions if you're interested.
How beautiful is this??? This is the main house/lodge where the people who run the lodge live, and where you can get supplies and pay your bills. Lots of the folks visiting like to sit and mingle up on the porch and visit.
This is the cabin I stayed in. It's actually split into two units, with my family and I getting the left side. On the corner there you can see the lovely screened-in porch where you can sit and have dinner and enjoy nature without being eaten alive by mosquitos, black flies, and horse/deer flies.
This is the door to the screened-in porch. It once had screen on the bottom as well as the top, but the night before a group of raccoons had ripped the bottom screen out in order to enter the porch and ransack the garbage my dad had left in there. As I soon found out over the next two nights, the raccoons would keep returning looking for more....
And these would be the raccoons in questions. This is just 2 of the 4 babies that harrassed me for hours on end. There was nothing between us but that screen, and I assure you, they were none too afraid of me.
I just *had* to take a picture of the drapes hung in the cabin, they were hilarious. I couldn't tell you how old they are (damn old, that's for sure) with such catchy phrases as "wilderness", "trail", "cabin", "fishing", "nature" and "lake".
This was the main living room of our cabin. To the immediate right is the kitchen (see the corner of the stove?) and off to the left is the bathroom and bedroom. Off the bedroom is the screened-in porch.
This is my grandma in the little kitchen we had in our cabin. it was actually quite adequate, we made some nice dinners ther!
an old wooden bridge that leads up to the lodge
Here is a view of the river our cabin overlooked
That's my (84 year old!) grandma in all her boating and fishing glory, steering us through all the river channels into the various lakes. For over 20 years she and I have been partners in crime as I sit at the front and navigate ("A little more to the left! LEFT!!!") and she drives. As a note, those bottles in the water are markers so that boaters don't hit obstacles like rocks or sunken trees.
I cannot describe how picture-esque this bridge is....I could have taken a million photos of it. It seemed to be right out of an old painting
The view, everywhere I turned, was breathe-taking....
I liked this rock rising out of the water...god knows it's been there for thousands of years. In this part of Ontario the only thing as plentiful as trees are rocks.
I absolutely LOVED the way the trees reflected in the lake, giving your eyes double the pleasure. When the lake is smooth as glass it can be hard to tell which is sky and which is water..
I couldn't get over just how green everything was....a real sign of how much rain we have had here in Ontario this summer.
The lakes and rivers had these beautiful purple flowers along the edges....
The contrast of old dead trees fallen in the lake against the vast expanse of living trees was everywhere. It was especially visually interesting because the dead branches have been bleached almost white by the sun.
I liked how this dead tree stuck out amongst all the bright living green trees around it
There were islands throughout the lakes, and this one had campers with two tents pitched on the island!
White flowers and various plants along the river
Bullrushes along the river
Does this not look like a woman ready to do some fishing? *grin* I adore my grandma and her never-ending enthusiasm for fishing.
The glory of the fishing trip....fresh fish, caught straight from the lake. And let me tell was gooooooooood!
I saved the crummiest picture for last. That's me and a corner of the bbq that I put the camera sat on in order to take the picture. LOL! I was too lazy to retake it so I just left the bbq in there. :-)