Saturday, March 26, 2005

Springtime Sunset

I took this picture a few days ago as I was leaving my gym. I just thought it was pretty and needed to be captured.

Oh fishy, fishy, fishy fish!

This is my fish tank. I know.. you're thinking...where are the fish? Well, if you look you can see a few big ones, but mainly I have a huge guppy population (I would guess around 60). They are the rabbits of the fish world, afterall. I love my little guppies, I don't care what other people say! lol

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Baby Isaac

This is my friend's baby, Isaac. He's about 8 months old. My friend brings his son out to meet me for coffee on the weekend while mom stays home and gets a break. This is how Isaac usually looks when he shows up with daddy at the coffee shop.
The exact *opposite* of a baby sleeping... baby MAD.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Pimp my computer!!

Check out my sexy new computer!!!! This has made me a *very* happy little girl, lemme tell ya. The processor is *twice* the speed of my old one and has a video card on board that let's me play all the games I have ever wanted to and more! *dreamy!*
There's the front of my computer.Curses to my camera for bluring the shot, but I think you get the point. It's shiny and new.
And that's the side of my computer. Now, normally I don't go for these sort of novelties (being able to see through to what's going on inside), but I had no choice as this was the only tower I could find at 8:45pm.
But come on.. you have to admit.. that looks pretty darn cool!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

snow excursion

Today my parents and I decided to take a day trip up north to see my grandma; she's feeling a little lonely and snowed in these days. So we drove 2 hours north, ate lunch, played cards, and drove 2 hours back. And the difference in locales in terms of snow was amazing..... in Toronto it was -2C/28.4F and hardly any snow. Up north it was -25C-13F and TONS of snow (and even snowing while I was there!)
This is the outhouse for one of the nearby cottages.. a little old, but it does the job! Makes me grateful grandma has indoor plumbing. lol
I love the way the trees are covered in snow... you don't get that in Toronto much!
This is the snowy road that leads to my grandma's house

winter church

I took this picture from my car window as I sat in traffic one afternoon. I was bored, waiting for the light to turn green and saw this church beside me and thought it would make a cool picture, so I took it. :-)

Monday, March 07, 2005

every little girl wants a pony!

This is the bronze statue my dad brought back for me from his busines trip to China. It's a replica of the horse statues in the Terra Cotta Army of the Qin Dynasty.
When my cat saw saw this statue he immediately froze.. unsure of what this animal would want... and then casually moved around behind it to sniff under it's tail!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

my curling adventure

So last Friday my friends and I decided to take on the great Scottish sport known as Curling. Oh sure, none of us had actually ever curled before, but who cares! We had us a sheet of ice from 11pm - 1am and we intended to have a great time, damnit! Armed with instructions from the internet, we were good to go.
Huzzah! Behold me curling prowess!
Almost makes me look like I know what I'm doing, hunh??? And how about that Michael Jackson look, with the one glove? Oh yeah... I'm da shiznit!
That's me with my friend Karen.
That's me... um... pointing to one of the rocks. yup. There's a rock!
Who knew my shoes had those crazy relfective strips on them?? Not me!
Ok, so here be the rocks you use in curling. Big heavy buggers, they are! Ya got yer blue rocks....
...and ya got yer yellow rocks. I don't know what's up with all the names engraved on the rocks... I guess they donated money..or rocks. lol I hadn't noticed the names until I saw the pictures, truth be told. Oh, and I think we all know what coloured team *I* was on..
Zoooom!! Lookit that rock go!!
In the end it looks a little something like this. Sure it might be better if there were more rocks actually INSIDE the circles (or "the house"), but it wasn't bad for our first effort! The best part really came the next day... when we were sooooo soooore....

my Oscar ballot

For Oscar night my friends and I totally geeked out and printed up ballots so we could make our guesses as to who would win. We made it a two-tiered system in which we checked off who we thought would win and who we would LIKE to win in each category.. I got a total of 12 guesses right, bringing me in second place behind my friend who got a whopping 16 right. Damn these graduates of film studies!! They're no fun!!

buildings and tables

I took this picture in downtown Toronto last week on a grey winter day...
Check out this wacky pool table I played on last week. crazy L shape, no? It was fun, I liked it.