Monday, July 26, 2004

puppies and kitties and babies, oh my!

I take a lot of pictures. And I love to take a lot of pics of my friend's pets and kids. They make such good subjects. So here are some examples.
This is my friend's (Princess Blondie's) puppy, Carmella. I've known her since she was just a tiny baby, and now she's....I have no idea....6 months old? maybe a bit less. She's damn cute, and I like to take a thousand pics of her.

how can you say no to a cute puppy like that??
This is Carmella looking as pathetic as she can...ears drooped...big brown eyes pleading...
This is my friend's cat, Angel. Angel is a Devon Rex. Her fur is very curly and very very soft. I couldn't keep my hands off her, all I wanted to do was pet her all night coz she's so soft and cuddly.

Have you ever seen the Cheshire Cat from the video game "Alice" ? I think she looks like him in this pic.

I think you can really see that this breed is so different... I think she looks so egyptian in this shot.
I just couldn't stop taking pictures of this cat. She was so adorable.
Angel is quite fond of the GameCube system. When it's on it gets warm so she likes to cuddle up with. Cats are a bit weird that way.
I like how her ears are shooting off in different directions. I think she had had quite enough of me and my picture taking at this point
I love the claws in this picture
my friend's cat likes to drink from a bowl that sits in the window, and she only drinks around the edges. very odd.
This is my friend's baby, Isaac. He's just one month old here, I took this at his baby shower yesterday. How cute is this baby???

sound asleep...

Looking snazzy in his Old Navy outfit

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Toronto Street Festival & The El Mocambo

That would be me. Too bad the picture is a bit fuzzy, it woulda been a good one.
This ride was called the Time Machine and for some reason I got it in my head that I wanted to go on it. How bad could it be?? I talked my friend into going on with me...... likely the last time I'll be able to talk him into anything like that. lol
Look how high the top of it goes!! It was a little more nauseating than I thought it would be, truth be told. My friend and I weren't much interested in eating for a long time after we went on. haha...
View of the Time Machine as we stood in line waiting for our turn
Who are these people standing with the A&W Bear? I have no idea. Complete strangers. But I was amused at the fact that it was the CHILD taking the picture of the parents with the mascot. Something seemed amiss in that scenario.
This is a pic showing all the street festival fun going on, including rides and attractions.
For a moment I almost had the nerve to go on this ride. It was called Pharoh's...something. Anyway, it was all adorned in Egyptian decor and was a giant swing. Blecch. No thanks. I was amazed how high it went and decided it was not a ride for me.
I'm not sure what inventor thought it would be fun to make a ride like this, but here you sit inside the strawberry as it turns in circle while the ride rotates. Sounds like a recipe for vomit, to me!
Who doesn't love the old school carousel??
I actually found this guy in a mask to be intensely frightening. hahaha. Well LOOK at him! Yikes. And it didn't help that my friend whispered in my ear "oooo creepy....Eyes Wide Shut...EYES WIDE SHUT!!!!"
As with most of the street performers, these actors grabbed an audience member to join them on stage.
This actually has nothing to do with the street festival, it's just a building downtown that I like. It's a store with a cool mural painting on the side of a mountain and bikes.
And as if it wasn't bad enough that they hauled this poor sap up on stage, they actually dressed him up too. It was cute and he was a good sport.
This group of drummers was fantastic to watch. The beats were awesome and they even had a whole little show choreographed in which they switched drums mid-beat and stuff. I loved it. (so did the huge crowd that gathered to watch)
There were stages set up all over the place with different kinds of music, depending on the area; one stage was reggae, one was country, etc... This one was jazz, and had female singers with black dresses and long black gloves. Classy!
At the festival there are also booths set up all over. This is one of my personal favourites... the Church of Scientology. Hee. Hilarious! Here they are giving "stress tests" and asking people to hold these wacky devices in their hands while they ask them questions.
This stage in the street festival had actresses/performers dressed up in pioneer clothing and acting out scenes of a play. They got two guys to volunteer to come up on stage to join them (in this pic it shows how they dressed up one guy in a fake body plate that made it look like he was all muscular).
I took this picture because I thought it was so cool that there were stages set up right in the middle of the street. I don't know what it is, but I love it when they close off the streets for events like this. (this is at Yonge St & Eglinton St)
And here is what these performers did to the poor volunteers....they acted out a scene from behind the guys, using their arms in place of the guys arms (the guys had to keep their hands behind their backs). It was amusing. :-)
Here's a pic of Yonge Street, the main street running through Toronto, and if you look closely you can see the CN Tower in the background
This building is actually a homeless shelter right in the heart of downtown
This is the band my brother is in, called 122 Griege. Here they are playing at the El Mocambo; the Rolling Stones played there once!
That's my big brother playing bass guitar. :-) A great way to end a great day!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

More fishing with Grandma

Fish Lake, my home away from home.
Smallmouth Bass, caught by my grandma the old fashion way ...with a worm!<
Fish Lake